Relationship Bridges: You and Jesus

Don't turn...stay straight. That's right. Don't look back. Keep going! You're almost there...
Jesus walks with you everyday. Are you letting Him take care of your problems? He knows what is best for you because he created you. Read about a girl and her walk with God. Perhaps you can relate.

She knew that Jesus was a "good prophet". She even went to church. Sometimes she worshipped...other days she just didn't feel like it. She listened, but only to the stuff she wanted to accept. When her pastor explained God is either your everything or nothing, she didn't know what to say. I love God. But sometimes I get anxious that He will forget to protect or control me when I trust Him. It's not like I don't love Him, but I feel like I can trust myself more than Jesus. After all, I can see myself! She thought.

Every time she read a Facebook or Instagram post about trust, she felt a little tense. Maybe even guilty. Whenever girls talked about trusting God with everything, she quickly changed the subject. But one night, she couldn't avoid it. At youth group, the small group leader asked her specifically whether she trusted God. "I guess, I mean, He did die for me." She answered, a little unsure of herself. Then the small group leader asked her another question. "Why are you scared of the future?"
"The future?! I'm not scared!" She said surprised. The small group leader tilted her head to the side and drew in a deep breath. "Are you afraid of your future being crushed if you trust God with your life?" The girl never thought about this before...and the more she thought about it, the more it seemed true. I was scared. I knew if I trusted God with everything, I might not like the results. I mean, I don't want to be some missionary in Zambia! She later said.

The truth is, you will never be happy living out your perfect dream life. 
In fact, you will ALWAYS be satisfied by following God's plan. 

I get how hard it is to let go of your future husband or dream home plans, but see past the worldly sense and become mature in your walk with God. Trust Him with everything and you won't be sorry.

Comment below about a time you had to trust God when you didn't want to...


  1. Well, I had to trust God when my dad went on a business trip. I had to believe that he would be under the Lord's care.

    Kaissyn L. C.


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