A Message To The Teenagers

 I grew up in youth ministry my whole life, so you could say I saw 99% of teenagers problems. This helped me a lot, because when I got to some of those decisions I knew what not to do. On the other side, I always looked forward to being a teenager because it meant so many possibilities! I saw cool girls I always wanted to be like. When I turn 13... I'd tell myself. When I can drive... I'd dream. But then when I got to those places they didn't seem as great as they looked before. Now I'm halfway through and still don't see what's so cool about driving and valentines dinners. Some kids see these things and like them, but I can't figure myself out! I can see now that teenagers (myself once included) think that to be cool you have to go to that party or hang with those friends. That's a lie. Although it attracts even christians when someone lets their guard down and joins in, it doesn't mean it's right. It's wrong but common to see a "Christian" praying at church one day and partying the next.
My dad always says, if you don't want to fall don't dance where it's wet. Honestly, I've noticed in my own life that life gets slippery whether I'm dancing on it or not. Secularity is all around me and I can't control it!

It's so dangerously frustrating to the point of incredible stress to think about what your morals should be, or Every teenager has to put her "ore in the water" or her "say in the conversation" so what's it going to be? I can purely say that I say the wrong thing sometimes when I'm under pressure. It's okay, because we're not perfect. But how can we avoid putting an immoral title on ourselves and still stay cool? In some areas, we have to give up the perfect image to become who God wants us to be. If you can learn to accept that you will become mature in your walk with God -even your everyday life. If you can train yourself to say no to certain temptations, and yes to Jesus' calling for you there's no limit to what can happen. God will bless you more than you can imagine! I can say this with certainty because I've seen it in my own life. One of the things I've felt when I let go of some fear or give a bad thought to God, is that I feel clear in my mind. If you've ever felt a lack of clarity like me, you'll understand what a great treasure this is. When I surrender my thoughts and evil intentions to God i feel this peace and clarity wrap around me. This is something that cannot be bought.  Did you know that you have the ability to release depression? You are capable of preventing yourself from slipping into wrong choices. God is willing to help if you'll just take the first step by asking and surrendering. 

Perhaps you struggle with becoming humble. I, along with several other friends I know struggle with this. It's because we don't want people to see our bad side and therefore shut us out of their lives because of it. It's ok to put your best foot forward in sports and school, but don't put on a mask when you come to God. In order to surrender yourself you must be humbled. I understand how hard it is to keep your cover and stay strong in Christ. It's a war zone. But God offers us a lifeline when we're in though situations. If we continue to seek Him through the Word and worship, it doesn't matter what situation you're in. God will be with you.

So...what engulfing your world; your mind? Your time? Your school? What is at the center of all that there is? What does it all come down to? Lots of people draws their own conclusions on morals and absolutes. But what about you? Are you the leader of your life, or is God? This is one of the hardest things a teenager faces -and you're not alone! The world is a slippery place. But half of the time you can control where you dance. Ask yourself...is it wise to hang out with them? Is it wise to take part in that event? If you don't want to fall, don't dance where it's wet! But on the contrast side...some good girls feel guilty for seeing/doing/thinking something they don't have control over. You don't have to play mind games your whole life! God offers clarity. It's totally fine to do fun things with friends that you wouldn't of been able to do as a kid or adult. But your life is worthy of a whole lot more than living in the mindset of only living once. Sure, you can take risks. You don't have to stay in a bubble your whole life "sheltered" from worldly sensations. But be mindful when you feel The Lord speaking to you to turn toward Him. There's a tiny fine line between sheltering yourself and being 100% vulnerable. Remain humble and seek God's guidance in your everyday life and just watch how God's going to bless you!!

Candice Gibbons


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