Use Your Voice

Imagine if you were where you are in life for a critical cause. You're in settings filled with people who desperately craved truth. They've been told their whole lives that they were never good enough; a mistake. They've listened to lies their whole life and they wouldn't believe them if they had just one other voice speaking in to their life- but they don't. All they have is the Accuser whispering into their ear that nobody cares about them...and as much as they don't want to receive that message there is no one willing to give them any hope.

Then there's you. All you thought was that ever since your Dad's job change you just happened to start going to a new school and new neighborhood. It just happened. You had no control over it. Sure, it's not fun at times but it's no big deal. Sure, you go to church and your close friends know you're a Christian. But it's no big deal. You don't take everything as supernatural or "more than coincidence." Sure, things happen in other countries. You've heard of missionaries...but you've never thought of yourself as one.

But you know what? You are where you are for a purpose. We all know at least one person who needs hope. Don't be afraid to share your hope. What if your best friend had a big secret that could change your life forever but she never told you! What kind of friend keeps the biggest gift ever a secret?
You are where you are for a specific person who needs you.

Take time this week to look for an opportunity to share the truth with someone. They need you.


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