Take June 1st

Summer is rush season...not just for you, but for most people. It's a season when studies lay off, and there's time on your hands for extra daily requirements. People are extremely surprised because 
 there is so many "to do's" on a daily basis. There's no doubt things have to be accomplished, but are they really necessary? Simplify your life in 10 easy ways: 

1: Actively.  You weren't made to be doing something every second of the day. Your body needs rest. Say no to the yoga class, or the swim team. Leave time in your day to sit on the porch swing and read a book. According to Scholastic, children who have imagination playtime will strengthen their social, emotional, language, and thinking skills of a child. Be a thinker, and don't bother attending activities. Learn on your own! This is true for all of us. The more rest, the more clarity. 

2: Socially. Turn off your phone for an hour of the day. Read or write a paper. Give your eyes, mind, and thoughts a relief in this simple way. Your friends can wait! Instagram will still be there tomorrow! So will Snap chat and Musically! Give it a break...the pioneers made it off pretty good on their own in the woods. 

3: Restfully. Close the door to your room and take a nap. Think about what a good day you had at night. Enjoy a hot bath when your stressed. Treat your body with absolute care- and i promise you will never regret it. Rest doesn't have to always mean a cat nap. Does a walk refresh you? Walk with Rover. Enjoy to bake? Whip up a lemon pie. 

4: Creatively. Listen to classical music in the shower! Or in the car! Or while you clean! Start a veggie, or petunia garden. Think outside the box. Hey, come to think of it...there's a box in the garage. I think i'll paint it and put our umbrellas in it! (Example) 

5: Spaciously. Get. Rid. Of. The. Junk. 

6: Financially. Do you really need that wallet? Nope. Cut back on useless materials. This helps you simplify your life both spaciously AND financially. Eat greens and cook at home rather than McDonalds. (This helps physically too!) 

7: Emotionally. BUT I JUST CAAAAAAN'T GET UP!!! Yes, you can! Attitude effects you actions. Strange as it seems, some people get emotional so bad that they can actually feel pain thats not even there!  Don't be that person. 

8: Physically. As I explained in other points, physical strength and health will determine how all these points work. You must be healthy to achieve at your highest. Drink water. Stretch, walk, or jog as often as once a day. 

9: Mentally. Clear you mind with a massage, or peppermint oils. Become a calm person when your mind is refreshed. Maybe for you, that means pulling you hair back. Or pinning back your bangs. 
Take deep breaths and smile! 

10: Spiritually. When your not right with God, your whole life feels messed up. So, I'm telling you right now that no other point will make you feel as refreshed as this one. Open your Bible and let Him speak to you. 

Now I want to challenge you to do something perhaps you've never done before... 

Take the first day of June and have NO electronics! 

Can you really go a whole day? Join other girls who are doing this challenge with you!!


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