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Clogging Dance Team

Click READ MORE to watch the video! If you've ever joined a sport, or participate in an outside activity, you know how fun it can be to do what you love with friends! I love to dance, and it's fun to dance on your own. But it can be even more fun to dance with friends. As the school semester is getting closer, I encourage you to seek out new opportunities for friendships. Think of an area in life you can grow in and make friends!

Camp Clips!

There is nothing like a week at youth camp! This summer I went with two sisters to a new place called Eagle Sky. Although the services were the main part and powerful, I also have some fun clips from our activities. If you haven't been to a church camp, I recommend it for all teens. Also, check out one of my previous posts to learn more about if camp is for you.
Click on READ MORE to watch the video.