I love my dad and mom! They are important people and God sent them to help raise and guide us as well as train us. But most of all, they can be a friend to you when you need to lean on someone. They are special because they used to be your age too! You can ask what they were like when they were kids or ask about what school they went to. It's simple. Your parents are their for you. God knew you would need them and so he placed them in your life. What are some things you like about your parents?


  1. This sounds funny but, actually I got my mom to tell me that she used to collect bubble gum in here toy doll house!
    Isn't that so funny and well, a little bit icky!!!

  2. I bet every grown-up had something silly happen when he or she was little:D. I remember when I was about 3 or 4 I was taking a rest time and I got out of my bed and guess what, my mom caught me...I told her that I prayed to God and He said I could get up:D. I have to admit...I was worse then what I thought I was. I have asked my mom what I was like when I was little and all I will say is I thought I was a 'good girl'. HA!


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